Ex-UGA star Anthony Edwards has a cannon, might have a future with Falcons

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Plenty of professional athletes could probably play multiple sports at the highest level. LeBron James would be an elite player in whichever sport he chose. Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson, and Julio Jones could’ve been great at any sport they wanted. If they went that route, Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson would have careers in baseball. And the latest star athlete to try out a different sport is former UGA star Anthony Edwards, who has an ABSOLUTE cannon for an arm.

Most importantly, Ant says he’s trying out to be the Falcons quarterback. Honestly, he might be the funniest athlete in sports right now, and it is unintentional a lot of the time; he’s just himself.

If you haven’t seen the new Netflix movie ‘Hustle’ with Adam Sandler, I recommend you watch it purely for the scenes with Kermit Wilts. The Timberwolves star is easily one of the most likable players in the league today. After all, he’s charismatic and extremely comfortable in front of the camera.


If the Falcons signed Ant, fans might actually show up to Mercedes-Benz Stadium this year. Unfortunately, that’s a pipedream, and Falcons fans will once again be miserable this season.


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