Falcons: Arthur Smith gives Matt Ryan a big vote of confidence

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After a few shaky weeks, Falcons fans began to wonder if the new regime would be pressing the reset button on the franchise. However, following a 3-1 stretch and some exceptional play from quarterback Matt Ryan, it seems that trend is being reversed. With a shaky Panthers squad on the schedule next, the Falcons have a golden opportunity to get above .500 for the first time in a while.


I’d recommend reading Scott’s whole piece, but this quote from Smith really stood out to me:

“He’s a special player,” Smith said after Sunday’s 30-28 result at Hard Rock Stadium. “I personally think he’s criminally underrated if you look at his career here in the National Football League.”


I wrote back in February that Arthur Smith would nationally solidify Matt Ryan as a Hall of Famer. He’s already a Hall of Famer in my book, but he has his critics. It’s only a four-week stretch, but you could argue Ryan has been one of the three best quarterbacks in the NFL over that span. The key for him going forward is longevity, and the key for Smith and the Falcons will be putting the right pieces around him to succeed. Over the past few weeks, both men have delivered, and we’re seeing the results.

Thanks for reading about Arthur Smith’s comments on Matt Ryan. If you liked this article, check out Alex Lord’s recent piece on the Falcons playoff chances. 



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