Falcons: Atlanta could be in top 5 draft position after this weekend

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As it stands, Atlanta would be picking 9th in the upcoming draft at 3-7. With a date with the Las Vegas Raiders on the calendar, that could improve before Tuesday. The Raiders look very good and the Falcons… do not.

With every team drafting ahead of Atlanta in action, let’s look at who’s on the slate:


Texans (3-7) at Lions (4-6) (Thanksgiving)

Football Team (3-7) at Cowboys (3-7) (Thanksgiving)

Chargers (3-7) at Bills (7-3)

Browns (7-3) at Jaguars (1-9)

Giants (3-7) at Bengals (2-6-1)

Dolphins (6-4) at Jets (0-10)

Seahawks (7-3) at Eagles (3-6-1)


If Atlanta loses to Las Vegas, they’re guaranteed to move up at least one spot unless a tie happens between Football Team and the Cowboys. I’ll be discounting the Jets (losers of 10 in a row) and Jaguars (losers of 9 in a row). Atlanta should be rooting for Football Team since the Cowboys beat Atlanta earlier in the season.


Texans at Lions

Houston still has Deshaun Watson, and he’s enough to win you a game sometimes. The Lions are frisky, but they’ve dropped their past three Thanksgiving Day games.


Chargers at Bills

I’m all in on Justin Herbert, but the Bills tend to feast on bad teams. Atlanta fans need to be rooting for the Chargers, who they face later in the season, regardless.


Giants at Bengals

I still think the Giants are gonna make the playoffs, and with no Joe Burrow — they have no excuse not to steamroll Ryan Finley and the Bengals.


Seahawks at Eagles

It feels like Philly will come alive and win a big game eventually, but Carson Wentz has been bad. If they can pull the Monday night upset, Atlanta fans should be thrilled. Seattle has been playing pretty poorly lately.


So assuming all four of these games go Atlanta’s way, the new draft order *should* be:


  1. Jets (0-11)
  2. Jaguars (1-10)
  3. Bengals (2-7-1)
  4. Falcons (3-8)
  5. Cowboys (3-8)


With a lost season, tough schedule, and the coaching staff all but toast, Atlanta could snag their pick of QBs not named Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence, or they could take the best defensive player available.



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