Falcons blow last-minute lead in Deshaun Watson sweepstakes

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Deshaun Watson is signing a record-breaking contract extension with $230 million fully guaranteed to join the Browns, shattering the previous record of $150 million. Now, the Falcons are left to pick up the broken pieces. Once again, it seems Atlanta blew a last-minute lead. This time, Cleveland beats the Falcons out in the waning minutes of the Watson sweepstakes.

The Falcons were thought to be very close to landing Watson and were actually working the details, but they were outbid by the Browns to win him over.

Now, the Falcons will be left to salvage the relationship with Matt Ryan, who has every right to demand a trade. The veteran signal caller has handled himself with the highest integrity throughout this process. Now, it’s time for him to go to a team with a competitive roster to maximize his twilight years.



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