Falcons brass doesn’t like the word ‘rebuild’ despite Atlanta being in the midst of one

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The Falcons’ leadership is actually delusional. There is zero self-reflection going on inside the building. Atlanta always needed to trade Matt Ryan‘s contract and commit to a rebuild. Yet, they continue to stave off the word ‘rebuild’ in hopes of what? Building a winning culture? News flash, this team is a country mile away from the average NFL team. Still, Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot refuse even to say the word rebuild, and Smith likes the word transition as a better descriptor.

This first press conference since the entire Deshaun Watson saga and Matt Ryan trade was pretty discouraging from Smith and Fontenot. Who says it wouldn’t be fair to Casey Hayward if the Falcons reflected and noticed they’re in a rebuilding stage? This isn’t the cub scouts. These are grown men who have played in this league for a long time. Do you think Hayward or any other veteran free agent fails to realize what’s happening in Atlanta? This entire situation has completely taken away my confidence in this new regime.

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