Falcons: Calvin Ridley hints towards a new home with liked Tweet

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Falcons fans should take this one well…

We are in the dead period for every NFL team that isn’t currently in the playoffs or searching for a head coach and/or general manager. For most teams’ fanbases, pretty much the only content they can consume is around draft prospects, potential free agents, and season reviews. However, for Falcons fans, it is a bit different.

After feeling betrayed last offseason when Julio Jones forced his way out of Atlanta, Falcons fans are a bit sensitive when it comes to the speculation surrounding Calvin Ridley’s status on the team.

Ridley stepped away from the team months ago to focus on his mental wellbeing, but Falcons fans haven’t quite been the most supportive group. A part of the fan base truly believes he faked these struggles to force his way out of Atlanta. Well, let me be the one to tell you that is not likely the case.

First and foremost, if he wanted out, Ridley could easily just request a trade. I’m sure Terry Fontenot would acquiesce, too, if that were the case. Secondly, shifting focus to a potential return to the Falcons for Ridley seems unlikely now that the fan base has become entirely hostile.

You wouldn’t want to go back and play for a fan base that berated you.¬†However, Ridley seems content in letting the speculation run rampant and even appears to be adding fuel to the fire.

The former All-Pro receiver liked a tweet that read, “I really hope the Miami Dolphins get Calvin Ridley.” And as you probably expected, Falcons fans responded appropriately — “NOT” (Borat voice).

He’s already unliked the tweet, so it could’ve been accidental, but that is unlikely. Still, Falcons fans should let the situation play out.

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