Falcons draft Kyle Pitts with the 4th pick of the 2021 NFL draft

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With the fourth overall pick of the 2021 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons drafted tight end, Kyle Pitts, out of Florida. Arthur Smith gets his choice after reports that he was enamored with the special talent, which should give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares in 11 personnel. This makes Pitts the highest tight end drafted in NFL history, and he said he can’t wait to learn from two of the best wide receivers — Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley — in the league in his post-draft interview. Below is a pre-draft excerpt from an earlier article:

Pitts is potionless. He can align on the boundary, in the slot, or with his hand in the dirt. He’s as good of a route-runner as any receiver in this draft with great burst out of his break, giving him elite change-of-direction skills for a person of his size. Pitts is as good after-the-catch as he is before, a rare and tremendous red-zone threat. Excellent at beating one-on-one press, but also great at finding the soft spot in zones. The former Gator, much like Julio Jones, makes normal 50-50 balls, closer to 60-40 in favor of Pitts.



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