Falcons: Examining Arthur Smith’s offensive rankings

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Fans are split on Arthur Smith’s hiring, and for the most part — nobody here (myself included) is qualified to make that decision anyways. Just because you watched a few LSU or Chiefs game doesn’t mean you know a guy will be a good Head Coach. Smith wasn’t my first choice, but he offers a lot to the Falcons if he accepts the deal he was made today.


There’s no doubt that Derrick Henry is a unique weapon, but I’m far more impressed with what Smith has done with Ryan Tannehill.



I’ll be going in-depth on Smith’s scheme and what he likes to do on offense, but the statistics he’s produced and the success that the Titans have had offensively is very encouraging. Disregard all of the other stuff, the best Red Zone offense in the past two decades already has me excited. If you missed my last Mock Draft, Smith could grab his running back of the future while bolstering both trenches.

Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

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