Falcons fans will be completely disinterested if team falls to 0-3

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The Falcons are 0-2 to start the season for the second straight year, but obviously, the circumstances surrounding 2020 and 2021 are entirely different. Under Dan Quinn, the Falcons crumbled against the Cowboys after leading by three scores, which brought them to 0-2.

Fans were absolutely fed up with the Falcons habit of surrendering leads late in games. The stigma surrounding the 2020 team was mainly pessimistic, with only hardcore fans still interested in the team losing every game in historically embarrassing fashion. Once Quinn was relieved of his duties, interest steadily began to rise.

After Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot were hired, the fanbase swelled again. There was palpable excitement about what the new regime wanted to do. Instead of tearing it all down, Fontenot and Smith were adamant they were here to compete immediately with Matt Ryan. To begin the year, expectations were set unreasonably high.

So when the Falcons started this new chapter two weeks ago in the season opener against the Eagles, many fans expected a lot of points and exotic blitzes from Dean Pees that would confuseĀ Jalen Hurts. What they got was much different. Arthur Smith’s new-look offense was abysmal, and Hurts torched the defense. The Falcons failed in all phases.

Atlanta didn’t have many positives from the following week either. The Bucs essentially steamrolled the Falcons as soon as they got within three in the second half. The Falcons don’t have a good team, but they improved from Week 1 to Week 2, even if it was minor. They will face a winless Giants team this Sunday, and if they come home to Atlanta 0-3, the fanbase’s interest will be at an all-time low.



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