Falcons fire one of their top scouts over vaccination

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In what will probably become a normality as we get deeper into the COVID era, the Falcons have fired Midwest scout Rodrik David because he refused to get the vaccine.

As you can see, the Falcons have chosen to mandate all of their employees receive the vaccine.

It really is disappointing that we’ve gotten to this point, but that’s just the way it is under these unfortunate circumstances. I understand the issue from both sides. If a young healthy individual, who is not at risk of dying from COVID, feels unsure about the vaccine, there’s no reason he should be forced to get it. However, teams should be able to mandate whatever they like. If Arthur Blank feels this is the best way to keep everybody in the organization safe, he has every right to enforce such rules.

Another interesting aspect: as we know, all Falcons players are vaccinated. With this news coming to light, I would assume the same rules apply to the players, so don’t expect the Falcons to sign any player who is not vaccinated — now or in the future.



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