Falcons in free agent market for defensive linemen

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Terry Fontenot isn’t sitting on his hands even if the team is a handful of practices into training camp. Although he couldn’t bring a former Falcon back to Atlanta, Fontenot did his due diligence on Corey Peters, who re-signed with the Cardinals recently, as Benjamin Allbright noted he had a deep market including Atlanta and Buffalo.

Peters is a former-third round pick of the Falcons and is coming off a season with the Cardinals where he missed the final seven games after tearing his patellar tendon. The 32-year-old has been a valuable member of the Cardinals organization for the past six seasons. As a reliable veteran presence in the locker room, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fontenot was interested in bringing Peters back to Atlanta.

What is surprising is the fact that Fontenot feels the interior defensive line needs bolstering. In fact, I believe the position is one of the strongest ones on the defensive side of the ball. Grady Jarrett is an elite player; Marlon Davidson has been trending upwards and impressing thus far in camp; John Cominsky, Steven Means, Jonathan Bullard, and Tyeler Davison are just “guys” but can be relied upon to bring what Peters could provide production-wise.

I’m sure Fontenot’s response to this question would be that he is always looking to improve every single position, whether it is a strength or a weakness of the roster. I believe that its probably a conducive way to build a winning culture, but I also question whether it isĀ the most conducive way to do so.



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