Rumor: Falcons “in on” Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder

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The Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile wrapped up last weekend, and the Falcons were well-represented among NFL teams. Terry Fontenot had boots on the ground, which isn’t surprising given more than half of the 2021 rookie class attended the event a year ago.

Kevin Knight of The Falcoholic already reported Atlanta met with Desmond Ridder during the week, but we have more information regarding the prospect of the Falcons drafting the Cincinnati quarterback.

Hunter Thompson of Around The Block speculates that Atlanta will be in on Ridder as it was one of the biggest rumors of the week.

This might be one of the hotter rumors, but there are reasons to potentially believe this one. While in Mobile, one of the biggest rumors of the week was that the Atlanta Falcons were in on QB Desmond Ridder. Ridder has most draft analysts split on how to value him. But there are a couple reasons to believe this link.

One reason is that Ridder himself compared his style of play to Ryan Tannehill and attempts to model his game after him. Tannehill had the best seasons of his career under Arthur Smith, who could see Ridder as a similar type of quarterback to fit the offense.

Another big piece of this evidence comes from this tweet from Luke Fickell. While at the Senior Bowl, Arthur Smith was seen on the field talking with Coach Fickell next to the quarterbacks and wide receivers. Could it have just been a talk of all the players? Sure. But while this rumor was floating around that was happening.

There is certainly a level of speculation to this, but Hunter identifies some interesting points. To play devil’s advocate, the Falcons did their due diligence on the 2021 quarterback class, so they’ll undoubtedly do the same with this class.

Terry Fontenot has been outspoken about adding good players to the roster regardless of their position or where they come from. With quarterback being the most important position in the sport, it isn’t surprising the Falcons are interested in Ridder.



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