Falcons land most fun player in the draft

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The first round of the NFL Draft is over, and it was one of the most exciting cycles in years because of its unexpecting twists and turns. In Atlanta, the Falcons landed arguably the most fun prospect in this classBijan Robinson.

The Texas product has been tied to the Falcons for obvious reasons since the 2022 season ended. Robinson was easily the most dynamic player in college football last year, given his ability to impact games as a runner and receiver. He’d be in the conversation for the 1st overall pick in a different era.

For the Falcons, it’s simple. Bijan Robinson was the best player — tangibly and intangibly — when Atlanta was on the clock. Terry Fontenot has preached approaching each draft with a BPA philosophy, and after three cycles, it’s clear he means it. A tight end, wide receiver, and running back with three straight top 10 picks is all the proof you need.

Moreover, the schematic fit is even more straightforward. Arthur Smith’s offense became arguably the most potent rushing attack in football last year, and Robinson will only make it better. The club has also been attracted to positionless prospects. Despite being a running back, Robinson is much more than that. He is the best pure runner in this class of running backs but also the best pass catcher too.

Positional value be damned. Sundays will be fun again for Falcons fans. Bijan Robinson will be this city’s biggest star, which is saying something with Trae Young and Ronald Acuna Jr. calling Atlanta home.

Photographer: William Purnell/Icon Sportswire

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