Falcons: Offseason 2023 Mock Draft 10.0 — Final Predictions (7 Rounds)

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This is the final edition of this series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. My last mock draft was how I would approach the draft if I was the general manager, but this is what I actually think the Falcons will do. Atlanta has been pretty unpredictable in the draft, and I don’t expect this year to be any different. I’m going to try my best, of course, and I’ll avoid predicting trades — which are even more of a crapshoot. Previous editions are listed below:

I’ll be using Relative Athletic Score, which you can find the details for here.

Here’s how I see the first seven picks going:

1. Carolina Panthers (From Chicago): QB Bryce Young — Alabama

2. Houston Texans: EDGE Tyree Wilson — Texas Tech

3. Tennessee Titans (From Arizona): QB CJ Stroud — Ohio State

4. Indianapolis Colts: QB Will Levis — Kentucky 

5. Seattle Seahawks (From Denver): EDGE Will Anderson — Alabama

6. Detroit Lions (From Los Angeles): IDL Jalen Carter — Georgia

7. Las Vegas Raiders: QB Anthony Richardson — Florida

The Falcons have an interesting opportunity to trade down, and I think they will. I’ll avoid trying to predict that for now, but watch for the Steelers or Jets to move up for a tackle.


Round 1, Pick 8: RB Bijan Robinson — Texas

Like it or not, I think the Falcons are going to stick to the best player available strategy — and that’s Bijan Robinson. If he isn’t the pick, I like Nolan Smith out of Georgia. Regardless, it’s hard to be mad about Robinson being the guy, and I’m a staunch believer in undervaluing the running back position. There’s a reason this kid is getting LaDainian Tomlinson comparisons. He’s one of the best prospects we’ve seen in years in terms of vision, balance, size, athleticism, and agility. He’s a weapon as a pass catcher and has the body to be a bellcow running back that stays in on passing downs to block. Robinson has multi-time All-Pro written all over him. He’d bring a lot of much needed excitement to Atlanta.

RAS: 9.85


Round 2, Pick 44: EDGE Keion White — Georgia Tech

Although White is pretty raw technically, the Falcons actually have the veteran support system to develop this guy into a monster. White is an absolute specimen in terms of length and athleticism, and he profiles as someone who can be a three-down player. He needs some work, but if the Falcons are patient with his development, White has the build to be a ten-sack guy sooner rather than later.

RAS: 9.92


Round 3, Pick 75: CB Garrett Williams — Syracuse

There’s a lot to like about the value Williams provides at this point in the draft. The Freshman All-American and three-time All ACC defensive back has been on my radar for a while, and while I think his stock may have taken a hit due to an injury, the potential is clearly visible with this kid. Williams is savvy in zone coverage, but he’s very physical at the line of scrimmage and catch point with great length to boot. He displays a ton of quickness when defending short routes, and he’s getting further from an ACL injury he suffered against Notre Dame at the end of October. The Falcons don’t need Williams immediately, and as talented as he is, they can afford to ease him into the NFL game with at least one season of Jeff Okudah.



Round 4, Pick 110: WR Jonathan Mingo — Ole Miss

Mingo may go a bit higher than this after the combine, but it sort of feels like Arthur Smith would be willing to take a swing and try to get his version of AJ Brown in Atlanta. Make no mistake, Mingo is no AJ Brown, but there are some similarities. For starters, they’re both built similarly — Mingo being 6’1, 220 and Brown being 6’1, 225. Mingo posted an impressive 4.46 40-yard dash and 39.5″ vertical. However, he has his warts, which is why he’s available here. He’s not a polished route runner, and he tends to try to catch balls with his body. However, the Falcons can let him develop behind Mack Hollins and work on his technique. All of the tools are there — I think with a team that’s focused on running the ball, Mingo is worth a roll of the dice.

RAS: 9.87


Round 4, Pick 113: IOL Braeden Daniels — Utah

Offensive line is a need, and without a pick for the next 130 selections, I think the Falcons look to add a potential plug-and-play starter. Daniels is a bit undersized, but he’s very athletic and profiles as a plus run blocker. He’s a very smart player with experience all over Utah’s offensive line. That’s a good sign for a potential starter at left guard and reserve swing lineman. He needs to add some functional strength, but reports of high character indicate the Falcons could mold him into a starter at left guard with due time. He has the athletic ability to start immediately, but his pass protection is a question mark. I still love the value at this point in the draft.

RAS: 9.56


Round 7, Pick 224: IOL Jon Gaines — UCLA

With it being the seventh round, I’ll double dip on some athletic offensive line depth. Like Daniels, Gaines is a very athletic Pac-12 lineman who has experience all over UCLA’s offensive line. Gaines is a very competitive blocker who can move well in space. Also like Daniels, he’s a bit undersized and needs work with his hands and anchor in pass protection. However, he’s a versatile and athletic guy who can develop into a starter in time. I think with that lack of power, he’ll probably profile as a center for most zone-heavy teams, but I’m willing to bet on his athletic upside and development with a seventh round pick.

RAS: 9.63


Round 7, Pick 225: DL Cameron Young — Mississippi State

The Falcons had a top-30 visit with Young, and although it doesn’t mean they’re going to draft him, this feels like a good spot for a space-eating interior defender to provide the group with some depth on run downs. Young is a very strong guy who can eat up double teams and clog up running lanes with ease. He’s not very explosive and is an average athlete for his size, but he should be a high quality-run defender from day one — there’s value there with a seventh-round pick.

RAS: 6.33

Photographer: William Purnell/Icon Sportswire

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