Falcons: Post June 1st Trade & Cut Candidates

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The Falcons may have a few more decisions to make this offseason, but thus far, they haven’t done an awful job. They’ve signed some interesting free agents and extended Grady Jarrett, nothing too crazy, but nothing too horrible. After June 1st, they could seek some more cap relief with players on their roster. All numbers are via OverTheCap. Here are some candidates to be moved:


*UPDATE: Kendall Sheffield was originally on this list as a cut candidate, but the Falcons released him last Friday. Sheffield would have had the same financial impact before or after June 1st, but I mentioned that the Falcons may be interested in some post-June 1st free agents and would cut Sheffield to use the money*


LB Deion Jones — Trade

Debo is the elephant in the room, and if anyone is going to be traded or cut after June 1st, it will be him. Cutting Jones does nothing for the Falcons cap-wise, but the outlook is much better if they have a trade partner. Fetching anything in return for Jones would be a win, but it’s possible the Falcons just eat their losses and move on to 2023. They’ve been aggressive in addressing the position in free agency.

Dead Cap (Trade): $5,340,784

Cap Relief (Trade): $14,707,059

Dead Cap (Cut): $18,980,784

Cap Relief (Cut): $1,067,059



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