Falcons: Quinn “inclined” to retain Dirk Koetter


As reported by Kelsey Conway, the coaching staff looks like it wont be changing:

This really isn’t shocking. After it was announced Dan Quinn was being retained, he quickly came out in support of his OC. Koetter has some decent peripheral numbers. The Falcons are 3rd in the NFL in passing (not surprising considering they play from behind 80% of the time). The Falcons also rank 13th in scoring, which isn’t that bad for a 6-9 team. Considering the defense should be much improved under Raheem Morris, there could be potential there.

I do have one major gripe with Dirk Koetter. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s allergic to running the football. The Falcons rank 30th in rushing with a $15 million dollar tailback and 3 draft picks from the last 3 drafts back there. Koetter also doesn’t involve the running backs in the passing game, a hallmark of all good teams. It’s pretty simple: trade Devonta Freeman and stop paying a running back a huge chunk of our cap space or start establishing the run. I’d like both, but something has to be done.

It was a shortsighted move for this team to fire Steve Sarkisian, and it’s obvious this staff wants to establish some continuity and give Dirk a chance before cutting the cord. It’s safe to say if this team misses the playoffs again, it will cost everyone in this organization their jobs.

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