Falcons: Ranking five potential trade destinations for Calvin Ridley

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After some comments made yesterday by Steve Wyche, it seems that the Falcons and Calvin Ridley could be headed for a divorce.

Steve Wyche is not the type of guy to just make stuff up like this. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ridley wants out at this point. Even if he doesn’t want out, a trade is still a possibility. But what could the Falcons get for his services, and who would be interested?

5. Baltimore Ravens

It feels like the Ravens have been spinning their wheels at the receiver position for a while, and Ridley would be a huge upgrade for Lamar Jackson. While Ridley has a comparable skillset to Rashod Bateman, you can never have enough talented route runners on your roster.

4. Green Bay Packers

This really hinges on what Green Bay does in the offseason. Are Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers truly done after this season? If not, adding Calvin Ridley would make one of the most dangerous offenses in football even more potent.

3. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a team that is a few pieces away from truly competing. I like the upside of their receivers, but if they want to upgrade the aging T.Y. Hilton — Ridley makes a lot of sense for them.

2. Cleveland Browns

I’m not too sure the Browns would be interested in Ridley, but after losing Odell Beckham Jr., they could use another impact playmaker. Cleveland is also a potential destination in a Matt Ryan trade, but they make sense for Ridley too. They have the picks to make something like this work.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Like the Ravens, the Eagles have whiffed on a couple of projects at receiver in the draft over the years. Plus, they have the cap space to extend Ridley and the draft capital to get a deal done.




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