Falcons: Reactions to the initial practice squad

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The Falcons have filled 15 of the available 16 spots on their practice squad, and there are a lot of familiar faces on the list.


OL Willie Beavers

OLB Quinton Bell

ILB Emmanuel Ellerbee

RB D’Onta Foreman

WR Juwan Green

RB Caleb Huntley 

S Dwayne Johnson

OL Sam Jones

OL Ryan Neuzil

OLB George Obinna

TE John Raine

DL Chris Slayton

WR Austin Trammell

TE David Wells

CB Chris Williamson


The most important names, in my opinion, are Caleb Huntley, Ryan Neuzil, and Chris Williamson. Two of the thinnest groups on the roster are offensive line and running back, and in the wake of Josh Andrews’ injury, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Beavers on the 53 man for a week or two if other injuries strike. With the Falcons only carrying three running backs at the moment (four if you count Keith Smith), having Foreman ready to go will be nice as well. Caleb Huntley may get the first shot as a reserve running back, but both guys will be valuable depth.

We do have some new faces; Quinton Bell was a 7th round pick by the Raiders who was with the Buccaneers from 2019-2020. Hopefully, he picked up a thing or two, learning behind their tenacious pass rushers. The same could be said for David Wells; he spent some time with the Chiefs under Travis Kelce.

Some guys I was surprised to see left off were Erroll Thompson in favor of Emmanuel Ellerbee, Joe Sculthorpe, and Parker Hesse. Regardless, the Falcons still have one more spot, so perhaps they add one of those guys. Austin Trammell didn’t make it past the top 80 cuts, so I’m shocked to see him back as well. They may wait on someone else to go unclaimed after being waived, but this looks like the reserves they will keep for now.

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