Falcons release uniform schedule for 2022 season

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The Falcons kick off the 2022 schedule with a Friday preseason opener against the Lions. This season isn’t as highly anticipated as in recent years because the team isn’t expected to be competitive. However, there are facets of the team to be excited about — rookies and second-year players, the regime’s second season, and the return of the beloved red helmets.

Brett Jewkes, the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of AMB Group, told Kevin Knight and Evan Birchfield of The Falcoholic earlier in the offseason that Falcons fans will see the red helmets more than once in 2022.

“I think a lot of people interpreted the debut as the total,” Jewkes said via the Falcoholic Podcast. “Just remember this: red helmets are like potato chips.”

Tommy Nobis and the ’60s Falcons weren’t exactly competitive when they donned the beautiful helmets, and the 2022 Falcons aren’t likely to win much either, but the team will look damn good losing. The Falcons released their uniform schedule recently as fans flock to Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see the throwbacks:

  • Week 1: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Saints
  • Week 2: White Uniform – Falcons @ Rams
  • Week 3: White Uniform – Falcons @ Seahawks
  • Week 4: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Browns
  • Week 5: White Uniform – Falcons @ Buccaneers
  • Week 6: Throwback Uniform – Falcons vs. 49ers
  • Week 7: White Uniform – Falcons @ Bengals
  • Week 8: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Panthers
  • Week 9: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Chargers
  • Week 10: White Uniform – Falcons @ Panthers
  • Week 11: Gradient Uniform – Falcons vs. Bears
  • Week 12: White Uniform – Falcons @ Commanders
  • Week 13: Throwback Uniform – Falcons vs. Steelers
  • Week 14: Bye
  • Week 15: White Uniform – Falcons @ Saints
  • Week 16: White Uniform – Falcons @ Ravens
  • Week 17: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Cardinals
  • Week 18: Black Uniform – Falcons vs. Buccaneers

Per usual, the Falcons will sport the black uniform at home and the white away from Atlanta. The team also confirmed a second game where they’ll wear the throwback red helmets in their Week 13 matchup against the Steelers. The uniforms will debut in their Week 6 home game against the 49ers. Atlanta will only wear the gradient uniforms once against the Bears in what should be one of the NFL’s toilet bowls. It is fitting that the ugliest uniform is being worn in possibly the most unwatchable game of the 2022 season.

Photographer: Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire

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