Falcons Report: Expect cap-saving moves, Atlanta to be “mid-market” shoppers in free agency


On NFL Network Monday afternoon, Steve Wyche dropped some bombs regarding several important decisions the Falcons will have to make this offseason.

Wyche states that the Falcons will do several things to create cap space, describing Atlanta as “mid-market” shoppers in free agency this offseason. He begins by stating that the front office will extend Grady Jarrett, which would save over $12 million. There have been uncorroborated rumors suggesting the Falcons might trade Jarrett, which would make sense if they didn’t have plans to extend him. Wyche confirms that is not the case, and Atlanta intends to extend him beyond 2022.

Wyche also states that it’s likely the Falcons trade Calvin Ridley, which will create over $11 million in cap savings. Ridley has been the storyline of the year for the Falcons, and Wyche, who is well-connected to the organization, believes it’s inevitable they trade the disgruntled star receiver.

Wyche notes another contract that could be altered to save some cap dollars is Jake Matthews. Extending Matthews, who has long been the stalwart of this offensive line in Atlanta, will save the team over $9 million and lock up their left tackle for the foreseeable future.

One last thing Wyche stated about the Falcons creating cap space is extending Matt Ryan, who’s set to have a record-breaking $48 million cap hit in 2022. Extending Ryan will generate over $18 million in cap savings, but Wyche clarifies this will be a last-resort option for the Falcons.

The overarching theme of Wyche’s reports is the Falcons will be active in free agency this year, and they’ll create cap space using the above adjustments.

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