Falcons season ticker holder since 1971 Henry Ison wins 2021 NFL Fan of the Year

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Falcons fans didn’t have many things to cheer about at this year’s NFL Honors, but one of their own was named the 2021 NFL Fan of the Year. Henry Ison has been a season ticket holder since 1971 and hasn’t missed a home game in half a century.

For many years, there hasn’t been much for Falcons fans to cheer about. The notorious Super Bowl comeback has made this fanbase rigid, synical, and ill-tempered.

I’ve been to several games over the years, and the Falcons haven’t inspired many of their fans to show up to home games. Regularly, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is half-filled with a majority of opposing team’s fans in attendance, making Mr. Ison’s commitment all the more impressive.

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