Falcons sky-cam highlights are all the rage

NFL: OCT 08 Texans at Falcons

Falcons highlights have taken the internet by storm, and it’s one particular point of view that has captured the attention of the NFL world — the bird’s-eye view cam.

Against the Packers in Week 2, the sky-cam caught Bijan Robinson leaving Darnell Savage in the dust with one of the most ridiculous dead legs I have ever seen. Remember this?

Bijan Robinson was once again the focus. This time for a Week 5 highlight against the Texans, in which he caught a pass with one hand and pinned it to his body while simultaneously preparing to evade a defender.

Obviously, Robinson is the highlight, but the point of view is all the rage. That video has over 2 million views at the time of this writing and could easily become the Falcons’ most-watched highlight of the season thus far.

It’s become such a hit that Falcons fans are requesting other highlights from the sky cam, prompting the social team to give us another taste. This time it was a 32-yard pass from Desmond Ridder to Drake London that is absolutely better in this form than the regular camera angle.


One of the people responsible is Austin Hittel, who is the Senior Director of Video and Broadcast for the Falcons. He deserves a ton of praise (and probably a raise and promotion) for this idea and the execution of it. This is by far the coolest thing an NFL team has done in this capacity.

Photographer:ย Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire







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