Falcons: Terry Fontenot/Nathaniel Hackett pairing very possible in Atlanta

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Two weeks ago, Albert Breer wrote a story for Sports Illustrated detailing prospective general managers in the NFL. In which, Breer suggested the possibility of a Terry Fontenot and Nathaniel Hackett regime in Atlanta. “I’m told he’s got a good shot in Atlanta, and have even heard the idea that he could be paired with Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett there.”, Breer said.

He then doubled down today when reports dropped of Hackett’s interview with the Falcons today. I have no issue at all with Terry Fontenot as the general manager. I even explained why he would actually be my choice if I were running the team in part two of my ideal offseason. But as I explained in an article in November, when rumors swirled of Hackett coming to Atlanta, the Green Bay offensive coordinator is not a smart move for the Falcons.

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