Falcons valued at $4 billion, according to Forbes

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The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world, valued at $8 billion. The Atlanta Falcons are no great value brand, but they still have accrued quite a bit of value over the last several years. According to a report from Forbes, the franchise is now worth $4 billion, which is ranked No. 16 out of 32 teams in the NFL.

One of the craziest parts of this report is how season ticket prices have increased. Despite finishing under .500 the past five seasons, demand for season tickets is enough that prices have been increased by 5% — ranging from $450 to $950 in the upper deck, $1,050 to $1,850 in the lower- and mezzanine-level non-club sections and $3,950 to $4,170 in the lower-bowl club sections.

However, that’s not all Falcons fans will have to pay. Those figures don’t include a one-time personal seat license fee (PSL) required to buy season tickets. According to the report, the most significant price increases are in the Mercedes-Benz and Delta Sky360 clubs, where season tickets are rising 10% to $3,950 and $4,140.

It might not be hard to believe those figures if you haven’t been to a Falcons game in recent seasons. But if you have, fans know the attendance has been a problem. Falcons fans are regularly outnumbered by opposing teams’ fans in Mercedes Benz Stadium; it’s honestly unbelievable the demand is increasing.

The analysts determined a team’s value by looking at equity plus net debt and adding economics (including non-NFL revenue that accrues to the team’s owner) of the team’s stadium. Contrary to popular belief, most team owners don’t own the stadium, so the value of the stadium’s real estate wasn’t included.

Mercedes Benz Stadium doesn’t just host Falcons and Atlanta United games and matches either; it’s a hub in Atlanta for concerts, entertainment, and other corporate events. It also hosts a number of collegiate games and Super Bowls. And most recently, it was chosen as one of 16 host venues for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The US was selected as one of three nations, along with Mexico and Canada, to host FIFA’s 2026 World Cup. This will be the first time the United States has hosted the tournament since 1994. Soccer has grown in popularity around Atlanta as Falcons owner Arthur Blank brought the sport to the city in 2017. The club has been to two Eastern Conference Finals and won the MLS Cup, US Open Cup, and Campeones Cup. Atlanta United has been the primary catalyst of the rapid ascension of soccer in the city, and now, the 2026 World Cup will help exponentially.

Photographer: David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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