Falcons were close to trading Calvin Ridley to Eagles before suspension

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The Falcons and Eagles were reportedly close to a trade that would ship Calvin Ridley to Philadelphia, but those talks fell through. On the Takeoff with John Clark podcast, FOX reporter Jay Glazer detailed the deal that never was:

“It was actually funny because they were one of the teams, they were close to a deal with Atlanta for Calvin Ridley and Atlanta backed out at the last second,” Glazer said. “And Philly was like, ‘What’s going on?’ They couldn’t really tell them. So Philly wasn’t too happy and then after, looked at it like, ‘Alright, Atlanta, thanks.’ Atlanta did business the right way. They weren’t allowed to say anything, again, the legalities of it, couldn’t say a word. They just had to pull out.”

“But, man, if Philly could have gotten a talent like Calvin Ridley when he didn’t have these issues, that would have been good for them. Again, they’re aggressive. Howie (Roseman) is always really aggressive. That would have been big, especially with a lot of Alabama guys. That would have been a good one had he not had the issues, but he did. So Atlanta just had to pull out and couldn’t tell them for a couple weeks why.”

The NFL handed down a suspension to Calvin Ridley for at least the 2022 season for gambling on NFL games during his time away from the team earlier this week, which certainly halted those discussions. Glazer added that Philly initially thought Atlanta received a better offer but were eventually grateful Terry Fontenot stopped conversations.

It’s unknown what Howie Roseman offered Fontenot, but it would’ve been a win-win. The Eagles would have given their offense a significant boost, and the Falcons would’ve received draft assets to bolster their underwhelming roster. One takeaway from this I had was the class Fontenot handled this situation with; it gives him credibility in future trade talks.



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