Falcons: ‘Who’s who of Atlanta music world’ courting Deshaun Watson

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The Deshaun Watson sweepstakes may be the most exciting trade scenario in the last decade. Two rivals are competing for the right to trade for a franchise quarterback as the decision looms between the Falcons and the Saints.

After all teams completed their presentations, many expected Watson to make his decision within 48-72 hours following the last meeting. However, Watson needs more time to make a decision, which puts Atlanta in a problematic situation. Matt Ryan was due a $7.5 million roster bonus on Friday, but the veteran signal caller agreed to push back that roster bonus four days to acquiesce the franchise in their pursuit of Watson.

Ryan is as classy as they come. Potentially being pushed out of the door where he’s spent his entire career and then to do something like this is absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine the humility it takes to help your franchise trade for your replacement. It’s unbelievably admirable.

As Ryan does his part to bring Watson to Atlanta, the entire city is rallying to bring him home. Arthur Blank has reportedly been full steam ahead in his pursuit of landing Watson, but he’s not the only one. According to Josina Anderson, Quavo and Lil Baby have reached out to Watson to tell him they “want him home.”

This could be a franchise ruiner if the Falcons don’t land Watson. Not only will he go to a divisional rival Atlanta will see twice a year, but they’ll also have to answer to Matt Ryan. And though he’s been cooperative up to this point, I imagine he’s on his way out regardless. If Watson chooses New Orleans and Ryan is okay with being the signal caller in Atlanta still, I’d be shocked.



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  1. My goodness. I’m not denying that Matt is a great guy but can we stop gushing to the degree of acting like he’s taken less money or (in this case) delayed money “for the team?” His roster bonus wasn’t set to be paid until April 15 either way. This past Friday was simply the “earned” date. Pushing the earned date to Tuesday doesn’t change the fact that he’ll get his millions of dollars on April 15. This was no “sacrifice” at all on his part.

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