FanGraphs sees the Braves as prohibitive World Series favorites

MLB: JUN 07 Mets at Braves

The Braves are the best team in baseball right now, and frankly, it isn’t particularly close. I’m not talking about the hottest team, either. From top to bottom, there isn’t a roster that compares to the Braves, and FanGraphs sees it the same way. 

With a 6.5 game in the NL East and the best record in the National League by a wide margin, FanGraphs puts the Braves playoff odds at 99.9%. I would say that’s about right. They also give the Braves 96.6% chance to win the division. That might be a little low, but the Braves have a chance to increase that number closer to 99.9% if they can take care of business against the Marlins this weekend.

As far as World Series odds, the Braves are the prohibitive favorites as well. FanGraphs gives the Braves a remarkable 22.5% chance at holding the trophy at the end of the season. The next closest team is the Rays at 13.9%.

Other notables: FanGraphs gives the Mets a 0% chance to win the division. They are currently 17 games back of the Braves, and it’s not even July yet. Who thought we would be saying that before the end of June?

The Phillies are also given just a 1.1% chance of winning the division. In the National League, the Dodgers have the next best World Series odds 11.6%. The Braves are also given a 96.4% shot at clinching the bye with the best record in the NL.

The Braves are the best team in baseball, and anyone that argues that has not been paying attention. Atlanta has been better than Tampa Bay for months now, and they have been doing this without two of their best starting pitchers. This team is only getting better, and they just might be the best group in franchise history.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire


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