Fantasy Football: When Should You Draft a Falcons Running Back?


Many fantasy football players are going to have to face this situation soon enough. Should one take or wait until the late rounds to draft the Falcons running backs this season? It is definitely a tough situation to dissolve, but can these unproven backs be trusted?

Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman look to carry the load this season, along with veteran Antone Smith. Freeman is a second-year professional and had an average season in his first season with the team. Coleman was an absolute star last season, but that was in his college days at Indiana. These guys have some serious talent, but there are so many question marks that is makes it hard to trust both players.

In my opinion, Freeman will end up be the starter Week 1, and maybe goes on for the next couple of weeks. Then I envision Coleman taking over the starting position in the mid-season. Every fantasy player is in the dark on this running back situation, which is why fantasy players should wait until the late rounds to draft these running backs.

It is no insult to Freeman or Coleman, as they could turn out to be incredible throughout the upcoming season. But fantasy players like to know they have someone proven, and both guys just have not had a real chance to shine. Freeman played in all 16 games in 2014, averaging 3.8 yards per carry with only one touchdown. With Steven Jackson gone, Freeman is the “experienced” running back on the roster right now.  But both he and Coleman have been sidelined the past weeks due to hamstring injuries.

Injuries are the devil of fantasy football. Hamstring injuries are one of the worst in all sports because they linger until they are back to 100%. Both returned to action in Monday’s practice, so the Falcons training staff believes both players are healthy enough to be back. And even though it is just preseason and practice, it is still very important to get reps.

If I had to tell you who to choose between both players, you should target Tevin Coleman. His potential is sky-high, but he is probably not the starter for the first couple of weeks. He might be the goal-line back early in the year, but he will end up taking over the reigns as the running back soon. But he needs to see some reps before the season, because the regular season in the NFL is a lot more challenging then the Big Ten. So target Coleman if you need an Atlanta running back, but do not rush to take him.


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