Five Minor League Free Agents the Braves could consider during the lockout

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Right now, it’s day one of an MLB Lockout. However, teams are still free to sign Minor League free agents, as they aren’t part of the MLBPA. With that, I figured I’d take a look at a few interesting names the Braves could add to the roster while Major League free agents are unavailable. Keep in mind, some of these guys may hold out for Major League deals, a lot of guys are probably eager to just get on a team somewhere.


LHP Matthew Boyd

The Tigers made a big mistake not dealing Boyd, he had a ton of value at multiple different trade deadlines. They made the same mistake with Michael Fulmer. Now, Boyd is non-tendered after posting a 3.89 ERA in 2021. As a lefty starter in case of emergency, the Braves could do much, much worse.


3B Colin Moran

What could have been with Colin Moran. One of the centerpieces in the deal that sent Gerrit Cole to the Astros, it seems Moran was never properly developed by the Pirates. Behind Austin Riley, the Braves are pretty thin at third base, especially after the release of Johan Camargo. Moran would make a solid third basemen in Gwinnett, the former sixth overall pick posted a .724 OPS in 2021.


RHP Robert Gsellman

The former Met was released, much to the delight of their fans. However, he still had a respectable 3.77 ERA over 28.2 innings last year. Gsellman never found his footing after an incredible 2016 rookie season, but I don’t think it would hurt to have him in Gwinnett.


1B Dan Vogelbach

As it stands, the Braves have absolutely nothing at first base, and they technically don’t have any left-handed bats on the 40-man roster (Ozzie Albies and Orlando Arcia are switch hitters). Vogelbach is all power, and he’s a true three outcome hitter. Why not, he’d be a fun player to have in Gwinnett.


OF Lewis Brinson

When it finally looked like Lewis Brinson found his footing for a short stretch, he was non-tendered by the Marlins. The centerpiece for the trade that sent Christian Yelich to the Brewers, Brinson will get another chance somewhere. He still has a lot of tools, and he’s only 27. The Braves have done an incredible job of developing outfield talent, perhaps Brinson could be a reclamation project.

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