For the first time in a long time, Falcons fans have hope

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Yesterday was quite honestly a bit sobering.

Thinking back to January 13th, 2018. Atlanta was on the goal line against the future Super Bowl champion Eagles. The Falcons only mustered 10 points that game, and I was livid at Steve Sarkisian. This was a Super Bowl roster that deserved another shot at Tom Brady, and I thought he was ruining it. Still, I was looking forward to another playoff campaign with Matt Ryan & company leading the charge. Little did I know, this was the beginning of the end. The Atlanta Falcons have not had a winning record since that day.

Sarkisian was relieved from his duties a year later after the Falcons went 7-9, and Quinn turned to Dirk Koetter, hoping he could find the magic that had been missing since Kyle Shanahan bolted for San Fransisco to become the head coach of the 49ers. However, it didn’t take long for fans to quickly sour on their new offensive coordinator.

Atlanta’s dreadful start to 2019 had many clamoring for Dirk Koetter’s job. Rightfully so, his play calling was dreadful and still is to this day. Marquand Manuel, like Steve Sarkisian, was another scapegoat. Little did we know, he was helping keep this team afloat with a below-average defense. Falcons fans had gotten spoiled, but it wasn’t a matter of expectations being too high.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones still had gas left in the tank, and after a 1-7 start that saw them finish 7-9… there wasn’t much hope to be had. Dan Quinn kept his job by the hair on his chin, and he decided to give Dirk Koetter another shot as well. That may very well have been the final nail in his coffin.

It didn’t process for a few hours that Arthur Blank finally pulled the plug. It took even longer to digest the fact that Thomas Dimitroff was gone now too. Over the past five seasons, this franchise has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with Dan Quinn. He took the Falcons to the promised land for the first time since I was in diapers, and shortly suffered the greatest embarrassment in sports history on its biggest stage.

Much was the same with Thomas Dimitroff as General Manager — we saw Sam Baker and Peria Jerry while also seeing Matt Ryan, Grady Jarrett, and Julio Jones. The tenure of these two men was full of ups and downs, but after an 0-5 start, it was evident major changes needed to be made.

Arthur Blank made the right decision. Dirk Koetter should be gone as well, but cleaning house and cleaning it now was the best way to move forward. I had cooled on Thomas Dimitroff’s job, but I have no bones with him leaving either. Players are upset, but it is concerning that some of them seem more interested in playing for Dan Quinn than winning football games. I understand losing a man like that in your life, but if he wasn’t the problem, who was?

It’s overwhelmingly apparent that Quinn is a good man, and he’s been a wonderful figure for the city to get behind. However, 46-44 with an MVP QB and one of the greatest WRs of all time isn’t going to cut it. Quinn will be just fine and will quickly land a job elsewhere.

Understandably, the fanbase is scrambling for answers. Does the team tank? Does the team hire this guy? Does the time hire that guy? Who can be traded? Does Matt Ryan deserve one more shot? Nobody has those answers, not even me. All we can do is trust the process and hope the new hires can get Atlanta back to glory… and finish the job this time.

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