Freddie Freeman NEVER Needs To Be In Trade Talks

A lot of Red Sox & Yankees beat writers are expressing interest in Freddie Freeman, who would be an excellent fit in Boston or New York. However, the buck needs to stop with the 2 time all star. Look at Joe Mauer for instance.




Mauer was drafted by the Twins first overall, and even through the 60, 70 and now 80 win seasons, Mauer was never put into trade talks. There’s a reason, he doesn’t need to. I used to be a firm believer of “everyone has a price tag.” It’s not true. Freddie is a big part of the morale of this team, and I don’t know if any package short of Mike Trout or Josh Donaldson is worth sending the big guy anywhere. It would just be wrong.


Simba was a fan favorite, but he wasn’t the face of the franchise. I hope Coppy can realize that trading Freddie would be a bad move, no matter who we acquired. Elite first baseman are a dime a dozen; Goldschmidt, Rizzo, Hosmer, but I LIKE OURS.


Freddie needs to be our Mauer. Freddie needs to be our David Wright. Freddie needs to be our Chipper. Teheran will probably be moved this offseason. Freddie’s future is cloudy, but I hope and pray he stays a Brave every day of my life. I want Freddie to be around for the 90 win seasons coming. I want Freddie to be around to help develop the kids around them, and make them better. Certain types of attitude and leadership can’t be replaced, and seeing Freddie in another uniform would just make me sick. So please, for the sake of my sanity, please keep the big guy, Coppolella.

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