Freeman’s agent is now blaming Braves for creating a “false narrative”

Freddie Freeman

At this point, I’m ready to move on from the entire Freddie Freeman debacle. It doesn’t matter what happened this past offseason, he’s not coming back to Atlanta. The contract isn’t getting voided. Freeman has been a Dodger for four months now, and he’s going to be a Dodger for the next five-and-a-half years. It’s sick to see, especially with what we know now, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it, and Braves fans should be very happy with Matt Olson, who is on pace to rival Hank Aaron‘s single-season record for extra-base hits.

But sometimes, I have to talk about things that should be in the past, and this is one of those times. Earlier today, Freeman’s former agent, Casey Close, released a statement regarding his recent fallout with Freeman, and now he’s pointing the finger at the Braves.

In reality, we will probably never know what really happened between Close, Freeman, and the Braves. However, this entire situation feels like a desperate attempt to save face.

Yesterday, Doug Gottlieb reported some astonishing news that said Close never relayed the Braves’ final offer to Freeman. Freeman didn’t know until this past weekend when he visited Atlanta, which is why he fired Close soon after.

Close went on to call Gottlieb a liar and threatened him legally later that night. And today, it’s the Braves who have created the “false narrative” surrounding the situation since March, which is funny… because the Braves haven’t said one thing about Freeman leaving publicly outside of acknowledging all that he meant to the organization.

I highly doubt Freeman would have fired Close without reason, but the reaction from other clients of Excel Sports should tell us all we need to know. If other people follow Freeman out the door, it will be clear that Close mishandled the entire situation and misrepresented his client. One current client that should be especially intriguing to Braves fans is Dansby Swanson, who is also represented by Excel and will be a free agent at the end of the season. However, Swanson has already released a statement and said he would not be switching agencies. We will see if that changes as more details emerge.

Photo: Photographer: John Adams/Icon Sportswire

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