Hawks Draft Targets: Patrick Williams

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According to Kevin O’ Connor’s latest mock draft, the Hawks will select freshman Florida State forward Patrick Williams with the 6th pick on Wednesday if they cannot move the pick for a veteran asset.

Williams projects as a versatile offensive creator at the NBA level with the potential to fill several different roles according to where he lands. Let’s take a look at what he brings to the table.


Athleticism: Williams is a tremendous athlete who can finish at the rim and has shown he can rise up and hit jump shots over defenders. Williams, a 6’8 wing with a 6’11 wingspan, has elite NBA athlete potential, and his ability to finish over defenders at the rim is one of his biggest strengths.

Finishing: At Florida State, Williams showed enough around the rim to be considered a good finisher of the basketball. Whether it’s in transition or the half-court, he can rely on either hand with an array of layups and dunks.

Gritty Defender: When you watch the tape on Williams, one aspect that stands out is his defensive motor and all-around intensity. He doesn’t take off plays, always going 100% full throttle. 


Spot-Up Shooting: A necessary tool in today’s NBA for wing players is a consistent 3 point shot. Williams shot a less than stellar 32% from the three-point-line at Florida State, and his release off the catch is slow. He will need to be a dependable spot-up shooter if he wants to find minutes early in his career. However, he is an 84% free-throw shooter, suggesting he may continue to improve in this area.

Decision Making: Williams assist to turnover ratio in his one season at Florida State leaves much to be desired. He nearly doubled his assists (29) with turnovers (50). It should be noted that Williams is only 19 years old and not a finished product. His game can and will improve with NBA coaching and development.

Team Fit

The Hawks drafting Williams could be a signal that they don’t believe in Cam Reddish. Williams projects as an off-the-bench athletic scoring option for the Hawks second unit. He can finish at the rim, and he has a tremendous defensive motor. If the Hawks draft Williams, expect there to be some growing pains watching him. He is young, raw, and will need time to develop into something more. Williams can fit into the Hawks already very young core and bring his energy and intensity to a wing group that needs an edge.

Photo: Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

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