Hawks Free Agent Possibilities

With the NBA Draft out of the way and Free Agency looming, we the fans turn our attention away from the unseasoned and unproven young guys selected Thursday night and look forward to the moves the Atlanta front office can make for some more experienced players this off-season. With the team currently in a rebuilding stage, a statement that the new GM Travis Schlenk will openly deny, I wouldn’t expect any big name free agents coming our way this summer. With Dwight Howard gone and Paul Millsap with one foot out of the door, the Hawks should attempt to acquire a few solid players that can come in and help win games next year, and provide veteran leadership while our young players develop. Here are a few guys to keep your eyes out for this Summer.

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay is coming off of a very solid Season with the Sacramento Kings despite the team finishing below .500. Gay Scored 18.7 points per game along with 6 rebounds, right on par with his career average. He’s a veteran player going into his 11th season and he could provide the Hawks with quality minutes. Presuming that he could keep up his 18 points and 6 rebound output, Gay could pick up some of the production lost if and when Paul Millsap does part ways with the team, and add a lengthy defender for the Hawks at the forward position. Rudy Gay’s potential contract could suit well for the Hawks as well, he made about 13 Million dollars last season, If the Hawks could land him at a figure close to that, it should leave them plenty of cap space to sign more quality players.


Patrick Patterson

Now Patrick Patterson has been a valuable commodity for the Raptors in recent years, but after His 6 ppg average last season and 3 ppg average during last year’s playoffs, Pattersons time in Toronto may be over. In the case that it is, the Hawks should strongly consider signing him to come off the bench next season. With Travis Schlenk’s  history with the Warriors, you can be sure He’s looking to add three-point shooting to the roster, and that’s exactly what Patterson can provide. At 6’9 and 245 Pounds, Patterson is a big body Power Forward that can step outside and knock down the three at around 37%. He would be a great addition off the bench that could stretch the floor and create offense for the Hawks. And as a role player who only made about 6 million dollars last season, he would be a relatively cheap acquisition for the Hawks.

Andre Iguodala

     Andre Iguodala is coming off of his 3rd straight season in the NBA finals with the Golden State Warriors, where he earned himself two championship rings and a Finals MVP award. These accolades plus the fact that The Warriors seem to be in prime position to make another title run, make me a little skeptical that he would part ways with the team. But with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both getting new deals this off-season, the salary cap being stuck firmly at 99 Million for all teams next season, and him being toward the end of his career, he may not have a choice. A lot of questions surround Iguodala this summer, but if the Hawks do go after him they could expect to be adding a veteran Playmaker, a stout defender, and a championship mentality to a young locker room in need of some guidance.






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