Hawks legend has high praise for Trae Young


Monday night’s game against the Clippers could not have gone better for fans who are embracing the tank. The Hawks played well all game. Trae Young put up a ridiculous 25 points and 17 assists, and John Collins looked fantastic as he was eased back into action. It was immediately clear that the two being on the floor could be special, as Young put up 12 assists when running with Collins. However, it ended with a loss after a miserable fourth quarter.

That didn’t stop former Hawks legend and current Clippers head coach Doc Rivers from taking notice of the budding superstar, Trae Young:

It’s great to see Young receive the attention he deserves across the league. He has had multiple rookie performances that only Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers before him have achieved. It is clear as day that he creates more opportunities for his teammates than Dennis Schroder did, and that is not a knock on Schroder. Young is just special. His potential is as high as anyone’s from last year’s draft class, and it looks like Travis Schlenk has made the right move picking up another likely top 10 pick, despite what some critics say. Doncic will be great, but Young’s potential is just as high.

Hawks fans should be thrilled. They have a future star, and likely more coming. Young can change the culture of this franchise, and who knows… in a few years, Atlanta could be a prime free agency destination.


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