Hawks Looking to Move Up from #15?

According to Alex Kennedy, the Hawks have expressed interest in moving up from the 15th pick in this year’s draft:

This could be big for the team, as a player such as Devin Booker could be available, or perhaps a projected top 10 pick falls in this year’s deep class. Look, will the trade with the Pacers likely happen? Probably not. Every team explores all of their options on draft night, and the Hawks’ front office is always quiet when they make moves. There’s never any speculation, it just sort of happens. However, it is clear that they have interest. It’s a situation worth monitoring, and if I’m a Hawks fan, I’m not waiting until the 15th pick to turn on this year’s draft. Wes Wilcox is now the GM of the Hawks. Let’s hope he can make a great first impression.

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