Hawks looking to sign-and-trade Paul Millsap


The move to trade Dwight Howard last night left little doubt to where the organization is headed. A rebuild is officially in the cards, and the next step is their decision on Paul Millsap. While the Hawks will not be the team to pony up a ridiculous $200 million dollar contract for Millsap, it does not mean there are not several teams out there that still would, giving the Hawks a final opportunity to get something in return for the four-time all-star.

Atlanta missed out on the opportunity to receive anything for Al Horford, as he signed with the Boston Celtics in free agency last summer. It looked like the Hawks made the same mistake with Millsap, but the bird-rights that they posses on him that allow the organization to offer a fifth-season worth over $40 million could come into play in a possible sign-and-trade scenario.

There will be multiple competitive teams courting Millsap for his services in free agency, but none of those teams would be able to offer him that critical fifth season. It is unlikely many competing teams would be willing or able to part ways with assets and bring in a max-contract, leaving the door open for some smaller market franchises to give up assets for the opportunity to sign an all-star to a long-term contract.

Teams that are interested in such a deal are the Nuggets, Suns and Kings.

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