Hawks: PG Rajon Rondo signs with Atlanta

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Fresh off of a championship in the bubble, Rajon Rondo is headed east.



It was reported the Clippers were in the mix, but the initial report of Rondo’s contract was correct.



Rajon Rondo makes a lot of sense for Atlanta. He just won another championship, and he could look to cash in on a nice contract. Rondo is 34, so this is probably one of his last chances to either compete or get a payday. He is a fantastic fit with Atlanta; backup PG has been a sore spot since Schroeder was traded, and I wrote about how Kris Dunn could work for the same reason. Rondo’s defense and passing have landed him roles on winning squads for over a decade, and now he has a chance to work with Trae Young and these young wings. His three-point shot and shooting % overall have actually improved to respectable over the years, so it’s no shock he’s drawing so much interest.


In 2020, he posted 7.1 PPG, 3 RPG, 5 APG, 41.8 FG%, 32.8 3P%. The Hawks continue to get better, and fans have a big reason to be excited. Rondo still fills a hole on the bench with his playmaking, shooting, and defense even with Kris Dunn coming along. Atlanta now has some serious juice at backup PG, something they’ve lacked for a long time.


Welcome to Atlanta, Rajon!



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