Hawks: Ranking Players To Hang With During Quarantine

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About 90% of the country is isolated in their homes. Most of us are constantly refreshing social media to see how other people (especially celebrities and athletes) are spending their alone time.
So, if you had to be quarantined with Atlanta Hawks players, who would you choose to hang with and why:

  1. Trae Young – This one is easy. Trae is a nice guy and a team player. According to his Instagram, he’s shooting a lot of hoops outside and making TikTok videos.
  2. Vince Carter – The OG of the league would be awesome to hang out with during the quarantine. Imagine all the stories from his time in the NBA you would hear.
  3. John Collins – “John the Baptist” is always upbeat and encouraging. He would help offset the anxiety that comes with watching the news all day.
  4. Brandon Goodwin – Much like Trae, Brandon is playing a lot of video games and making TikTok videos. That would be a fun way of passing the time.
  5. Skal Labissiere – I don’t know much about Skal, other than that everyone loves him, and he’s deeply spiritual. Two essential qualities during this time.
  6. De’Andre Hunter – De’Andre has released the first few episodes of his docu-series “Brotherhood.” If the cameras are still rolling at this time, you would surely be featured in the show.
  7. Cam Reddish – Cam seems to be a pretty quiet guy and doesn’t post much on social media. But no news is good news in my book.
  8. DeAndre’ Bembry – I interviewed DeAndre’ after the Raptors game on MLK Day. He seems like a funny and deep-thinking person, but according to his Instagram, he’s incredibly bored.
  9. Kevin Huerter – Red Velvet would be relaxed during this time. But I’m not down for watching the movie Contagion anytime soon.
  10. Charlie Brown Jr. – Charlie falls into the category of deep-thinking/spiritual. He could easily put everything into perspective and keep a proper mindset during this quarantine.
  11. Damian Jones – I had not done much research on Damian before talking to him on Media Day. I saw where he had played for Golden State, so I asked him two questions. 1) Did he wear his championship rings around all the time (no, he thought that would be too much) and 2) Who was the better teammate, Steph or Swaggy P (he said they were both great). He has a sense of humor and seems chill, which is a huge plus.
  12. Clint Capela – Clint is a gamer and talks trash in the process. I can’t handle getting crushed in Fifa while listening to the trash talk in the process.
  13. Bruno Fernando – The first-ever Angolan NBA player is using this time to be productive and learn new hobbies. And again, another deeply spiritual player —¬†which is fantastic.
  14. Dewayne Dedmon – The veteran journeyman doesn’t post much on social media, probably because he is a grown adult with a wife and young kid. I feel like I would just be in the way of his family time.
  15. Treveon Graham – Judging by Treveon’s twitter, he’s playing 2K and watching Tiger King. That’s a recipe for a good day. But he’s engaged and has a young kid, so much like Dewayne, he’s going to be busy with family responsibilities most of the day.
  16. Jeff Teague – I don’t know much about Jeff. He hasn’t tweeted since 2018, and his Instagram is private (still waiting on him to accept my follow request). But he’s a veteran point guard in the league and would surely have plenty of cool stories to help pass the time.

So that is officially how I rank the Hawks players as quarantine comrades. They all are good guys that are doing the right things. Who do you think would be cool to hang with during this time?


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