Hawks Report: John Collins turned down $90+ million extension

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Tensions continue to rise between Collins & the Hawks front office according to this report from Brian Windhorst.


We’ve discussed how Collins fits into Atlanta’s new cap sheet and how a max contract could work, but the Hawks clearly don’t think he’s worth that just yet. I’m assuming the Hawks offered JC $90+ million over 4 seasons instead of 3, but I’m with Schlenk — a little more than $22.5 is probably about what he’s worth right now.


It seems Collins is going to let the market dictate his value in Restricted Free Agency next season, and after not agreeing to an extension before last week’s deadline, the Hawks will either have to match the offer or let John the Baptist walk. I understand why both sides are playing the way they are — Collins is still a bit unproven in the eyes of the Hawks, but he thinks he can play up to a max contract. With guys like Giannis off of the market, I think it’s wise to let this season run out and play the matching game with Collins. John has said an extension is “the first thing on his mind” every day, so hopefully that goes back to basketball now that it’s clear he isn’t getting a new contract until this offseason.

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