Hawks Report: Rajon Rondo to receive a “significant offer”

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We finally have some possible figures for a Hawks free agent target.


Rajon Rondo makes a lot of sense for Atlanta. He just won another championship, and he could look to cash in on a nice contract. Rondo is 34, so this is probably one of his last chances to either compete or get a payday. He is a fantastic fit with Atlanta; backup PG has been a sore spot since Schroeder was traded, and I wrote about how Kris Dunn could work for the same reason. Rondo’s defense and passing have landed him roles on winning squads for over a decade, and now he has a chance to work with Trae Young and these young wings. His three-point shot and shooting % overall have actually improved to respectable over the years, so it’s no shock he’s drawing so much interest.

It’s basically going to boil down to if Rondo wants to make a little more cash on an up and coming squad or stay in LA, playing for a different Western Conference title threat this time.

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