Hawks reportedly looking to move up in the draft

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The NBA Draft is tonight, so we should see plenty of action over the next several hours from teams trying to make moves, and the Hawks could be involved.¬†According to Jonathan Wasserman, Atlanta is among the teams looking to move up in the draft, as they’ve been in contact with the Indiana Pacers, who hold the 13th overall pick.

Of course, this could just be smoke, and I have no idea what the Hawks might give up to move up just seven picks. However, I highly doubt it’s Cam Reddish, who has been involved in several trade rumors leading up to the draft. I remain adamant that Atlanta will not be moving Reddish unless it is in a package for a proven All-Star or a top lottery pick. There’s a reason every team wants him; they are well aware of the potential oozing out of him, and the Hawks aren’t going to trade him to another team for pennies like they all hope. That’s a pipe dream for opposing organizations.

Nevertheless, the Hawks could still be looking to move up in the draft. Travis Schlenk has proven to be a wizard at evaluating talent, and if he has a hunch on a specific player, I imagine he’ll do everything within reason to draft him tonight.

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