Hawks sign former Georgia Tech star Derrick Favors

DGX1512130201492 Jazz at Thunder

I used to love the idea of Derrick Favors to Atlanta. He used to be one of the more underrated frontcourt players in the entire league. Now, the Hawks are signing him to a 10-day contract:

Favors is somehow only 31 years old and has been in the league since 2010. Favors has bounced around, but it’s not for a lack of production. He was part of the trade that sent Deron Williams to the then New Jersey Nets and fetched a three year deal with Utah in 2020 after making a stop in New Orleans. Favors’ first stint in Utah was when he was at his best, and he’s currently in their top ten all time for games played. He’s top five in rebounds and just outside the top ten in scoring.

I hope he sticks in Atlanta; it’s a cool homecoming, and I’ve always been a fan of the player. We’ll see if this turns into something more permanent.

Photographer: Torrey Purvey/Icon Sportswire

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