Hawks: Trae Young: Mayor of New York City

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With the new NBA rule changes, many media pundits predicted Trae Young to fall off and be far less effective without the foul calls he’s so crafty at drawing. Well, 21 games into the season, and Ice Trae has completely disproved those notions. Young is averaging more points (26.0) than last year on the best shooting numbers of his career — 46.5% from the field and 39.4% from beyond the arc — while averaging three free throws less than last season before the rule changes.

There’s nowhere in the country with more Trae Young detractors than New York City. In five games against the Knicks in the playoffs, he averaged 29.2 points on 44.1% shooting from the field and 34.1% from 3-point range with 9.8 assists. Young’s iconic moments in that series, which included a bow, have sparked hatred among New Yorkers for the star point guard

Well, the jokes keep coming for Young and the Hawks. Most recently, he received a vote in New York City’s general election for mayor. 

Young lives rent-free in the minds of nearly every Knicks fan, and this prank is just the cherry on top. Trae Young isn’t the mayor of New York City; he’s the King of New York. Carry on, you sad Knicks fans.




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