Hector Olivera Suspended Until August 1


Hector Olivera has been handed down his suspension from the MLB due to his involvement in a domestic abuse case in mid-April. The suspension is retroactive to the time of the incident and he will be unable to play until August 1st. He will not be paid during this time.

82 games is the most severe punishment handed down to a player for domestic abuse in the past. Whether this speaks to the forward direction this country is going regarding domestic abuse or if that stems from the severity of the situation is unknown.

There has been a lot of talk of Olivera never wearing a Braves uniform again. I do not see this becoming a reality. They are heavily invested in the Cuban 31-year old, who is not a free agent until 2022. Olivera has only had the opportunity to compile 98 big league at bat and had a terrific Spring Training, so the Braves will likely see if they can get any return on their investment. There have been rumors of the team trying to move him since the suspension, however.

Olivera will not appeal his suspension.

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