Insider guarantees Russell Wilson would’ve been Falcons QB if Arthur Smith stayed

Steelers Falcons Arthur Smith

The Falcons are headed towards one of the most highly anticipated seasons in recent memory, but it could’ve gone much differently, according to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright. On an appearance with the FFMetrics podcast, Allbright guaranteed that Russell Wilson would’ve been Atlanta’s quarterback if Arthur Blank hadn’t fired Arthur Smith.

It does make a lot of sense because Wilson is now set to be the starting signal caller in Pittsburgh with Smith as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. The Steel City may be excited, but the thought of a Wilson-Smith duo in Atlanta makes me want to vomit.

Setting aside the actual football side of it, the two personalities standing at the podium five times a week might have driven the people of Atlanta insane. Unless, of course, they’re winning football games.¬†Wilson is cheesy, and Smith’s prickly schtick at the podium rubbed Falcons fans the wrong way. I literally couldn’t imagine a more infuriating press conference than Wilson and Smith after a loss.

Regardless of how Raheem Morris and Kirk Cousins work out in Atlanta, I’m infinitely more excited for Falcons football in 2024 with those two than I would’ve been with Arthur Smith and Russell Wilson. Mike Tomlin has never coached a sub-.500 team, and that doesn’t look to be coming in 2024; however, it could be a painful season from a fan perspective if that’s the case.

Photographer: Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire

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