Jim Bowden places six Braves among his Top 100 free agents

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The Athletic’s Jim Bowden released his Top 100 free agents cheat sheet today, and five Braves made the list, along with one brand new Brave.

Freddie Freeman

Per usual, highlighting the list was Freddie Freeman, who came in at #3 behind Carlos Correa and Corey Seager. In the blurb regarding the Braves first baseman, Bowden said he believes Freeman will return to Atlanta on a six year-deal, which seems to be the consensus amongst the industry.

Jorge Soler

Soler was the second-highest ranked Braves, coming in at #35. He’s sure to receive a multi-year contract after his performance since he was traded to Atlanta. I believe the Braves desperately would like to have him back as their potential DH, but we all know Alex Anthopoulos’ hesitancy with multi-year contracts.

Eddie Rosario

Rosario found himself just inside the Top 50 at #46. He’s another guy the Braves would love to have back, but his performance in the postseason may just cause some team to overpay.

Joc Pederson

Pederson made the list at #62. He’s the free-agent that is probably least likely to return, which pains me to say after the way he rejuvenated the entire clubhouse last season. Pederson will be an icon in Atlanta forever, but I still believe he wants to be an everyday player, which isn’t going to happen with the Braves.

Manny Piña

The newest Brave on the list, Manny Piña, came in at #76. The Braves made their first signing of the offseason official last night when they inked Piña to a two-year deal. He’s a quality defensive catcher with some pop in his bat, something the Braves desperately needed behind Travis d’Arnaud, who has a lengthy injury history.

Drew Smyly

The last Brave to make the list was Drew Smyly, who just cracked the Top 100 at #93. Smyly had his moments with the Braves, but I doubt there will be much interest in a return from either side.

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