Jim Bowden talks a blockbuster Braves trade for Jazz Chisholm

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The Braves will be active at this year’s trade deadline; Alex Anthopoulos is known for wheeling and dealing, but there’s a clear and obvious need to upgrade this offense.

If Atlanta’s pitching staff doesn’t throw a gem, the Braves lose. It’s that simple. Over the last 26 games when an opponent scored more than three runs, the Braves lost, an unsightly 0-26.

That’s absolutely pathetic. It’s a combination of several things. The stars — Austin Riley, Matt Olson, Ozzie Albies, Sean Murphy — aren’t playing up to their standard. While injuries to guys like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Michael Harris have thrust AAA guys into everyday roles.

Something has to give. Getting Mike Harris back will help, but the Braves need their stars to start playing like it. Even then, trade deadline help is necessary. Anthopulos could upgrade at shortstop or the outfield, or how about two birds with one stone in the form of Jazz Chisholm?

Jim Bowden of The Athletic recently received a question about a potential blockbuster Braves trade for the Marlins All-Star, to which he responded:

13. Would Chisholm fit in Atlanta as a lefty platoon partner with Adam Duvall and an offensive upgrade at shortstop versus lefties? Full-time shortstop next season when Ronald Acuña Jr. returns? — Kenny T.

I’m a fan of Chisholm but think his best position is second base and if I’m Atlanta, I would have no problem moving Ozzie Albies over to shortstop because he’s a plus defender there too. I do like Chisholm’s fit with the Braves and think their clubhouse culture would do him wonders. I’m just not sure the Braves’ farm system matches up well with the Marlins, based on conversations I’ve had with front-office executives.

I have several thoughts on this entire situation, but first and foremost, moving Ozzie Albies over to shortstop? I respect Jim Bowden in a lot of ways and love Ozzie Albies, but in no way shape or form would he be a plus defender at shortstop. That’s not an option.

Secondly, trades with division rivals are rare, and a deal surrounding a star like Jazz Chisholm makes it even less likely. The price would be high, regardless of who is acquiring him, but it’ll be even higher for the Braves.

With that being said, this is the Fish. They’re not exactly a franchise with a track record of smart decisions. There are a couple of examples of Miami helping out their division foes. The Phillies acquired a pillar of their franchise in J.T. Realmuto some years ago. More recently, the Marlins sent Adam Duvall to the Braves in a trade that propelled Atlanta to the World Series.

I do agree with Bowden that Atlanta’s farm makes this trade extremely unlikely. Miami is likely looking for position-playing prospects in return, and the Braves basically have none of those, outside of Nacho Alvarez, who they probably want to keep given the current outlook of the shortstop position in Atlanta.

For argument’s sake, let’s just assume a deal does come to fruition. Chisholm is a more natural second baseman, but the Braves also need outfield help. He could certainly slot into one of the corner outfield spots.

On the season, Chisholm has played in 81 games, hitting .259/.324/.423 to go along with 10 home runs and 39 RBI.

Under contract through 2026, the price will be astronomical, but would anyone be surprised if Jazz Chisholm Jr. became the best version of himself in Atlanta? Perhaps the investment would be worth it.

Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire

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