Kevin Gausman weighs in on Braves – Phillies locker room comments

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The Braves are in a do-or-die Game 4 situation as their NL East rivals are on the precipice of ending their season.

The Phillies slaughtered the Braves last night, but the talk of the town isn’t about an elimination Game 4 tonight; it’s about Bryce Harper and Orlando Arcia, which is making me claw my eyes out.

Here are a few things I believe related to the situation:

  • Bryce Harper was going to put that meatball from Bryce Elder on the face of the moon, regardless of what Orlando Arcia said.
  • “Ha-ha atta boy, Harper” is some of the weakest “trash talk” I have ever heard; I’ve said worse things to my own brother.
  • This is all being blown way out of proportion for a comment made off the record.

That last point is the subject of this piece. Listen, if you’re in the playoffs, there’s going to be cameras and microphones in the locker room. That’s a reality that all players need to be aware of. With that being said, this Phillies fan who was in the locker room had absolutely no business making all of this public.

It’s supposed to be a sanctuary for players; what happens in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse. A lot of players would agree, and Kevin Gausman is one of them.

I am sick of hearing Braves players talking about the situation, though. We are in a do-or-die situation, and we are talking about the sanctity of the clubhouse. That pisses me off. Sure, they’re right, but let’s maybe focus on the task at hand.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire
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