Knicks are one of several teams interested in Cam Reddish

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The 2022 NBA trade deadline is less than a month away (Feb. 10, 3 p.m. ET), and the Hawks have been mentioned in just about every scenario. Even though there hasn’t been much trade activity yet, there seems to be a growing suspicion Atlanta will pull the trigger and shake up their roster.

First, it was reported last week by Marc Stein that Atlanta was a team to keep an eye out for in Ben Simmons trade talks. Then, Shams Charania confirmed that Atlanta is indeed involved in trade discussions regarding the former LSU star, with John Collins being a potential centerpiece in the deal. Charania also noted that Collins has become “increasingly frustrated over his role in Atlanta.”

Well, the rumor mill is still pumping out reports. On Tuesday, Brian Windhorst and Marcus Spears of ESPN added another layer of trade speculation. According to Windhorst and Spears, the 76ers have begun trying to attach Tobias Harris in those trade discussions. Included in those reports, Spears noted that the Hawks were interested in Simmons until Daryl Morey tried to include Harris.

Schlenk would have to significantly reconfigure the roster to acquire both players. Absorbing Harris’s five-year, $180 million deal that he signed during the 2019 offseason would create a financial nightmare for the Hawks in the future.

Not all talks are surrounding Philadelphia and Atlanta, though. Per sources via Sportsnet New York, the Knicks are among the teams who have interest in Cam Reddish as Atlanta reportedly is making him available. Typically, it wouldn’t make sense to work out a trade with an Eastern Conference rival that is also trying to compete for a playoff spot, but given the NBA’s postseason expansion, most teams aren’t willing to trade anyone because they’re on the cusp of making the playoffs. So, Schlenk’s best options may be from teams inside his own conference.



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